FAQs for Donors - Text Giving
Text Giving is a new fundraising platform that allows donors to give to their favourite charity by sending a single SMS text message.
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FAQs for Donors

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. All charities using the Text Giving platform are required to have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, so $5 donations made via SMS are tax deductible.

Can I use this service if I’m a prepaid customer?

This service is currently only available to post-paid Telstra and Vodafone customers with a mobile plan who have access enabled to Premium SMS services.

Is this a legitimate way to give?

Yes, donating via text is a legitimate way to give. The technology behind SMS donations has been successfully used for competition and voting lines in Australia for the past 15 years.

Until now, the use of PSMS donations for charitable fundraising has not been widely available in Australia and we’re excited to offer this service to Australian mobile phone users.

Over the past two years, Text Giving has been successfully trialled by 22 charities across Australia, thanks to Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and mobile engagement provider OpenMarket, who joined forces with Telco Together to conduct the pilot.

How can I claim my donation at tax time?

You will receive a free ‘thank you’ SMS containing a tax receipt after donating. You should keep this text receipt for use at tax time.

If you lose your text receipt, you’ll need to contact the charity that you donated to and they will assist in re-issuing your receipt.

What’s the maximum amount I can donate each month?

Depending on your phone carrier there are restrictions on how much you can donate per month. Check with your carrier for further details.

You can only donate $5 at a time. To donate more than $5, you’ll need to SMS multiple times to the charity’s ‘19’ number.

You’ll get an SMS notification from your carrier when your PSMS donations have reached $30 for the month.

How much of my $5 donation goes to the charity?

100% of your donation goes to the charity. All participating telecommunications companies have waived all fees for the use of this service.

Am I subscribing to repeat donations?

No. When you make a donation, it is a one-off charge, not a subscription. To donate more than $5, you’ll need to SMS multiple times to the charity’s ‘19’ number.

What does the charity do with my phone number?

Charities will have access to your mobile number for receipting purposes, and for follow-up marketing activity; however charities are required to abide by standard legislation regarding marketing to mobile via calls or SMS, (e.g. MPS Code, Spam Act, Telemarketing Industry Standard).

In addition to this, charities are required to abide by the Text Giving Code of Conduct that provides additional guidance on how your information can be used by the charity.

I received a ‘fail’ message or did not receive a confirmation ‘thank you’ message after trying to donate. What does this mean?

Please check that you texted the right short code and keyword for your chosen charity.

If it’s correct, here are a few more reasons why your donation may not have gone through:

  • Your service has PSMS barring.
  • Your service is billed through a mobile reseller, rather than directly through the carrier.
  • You’re an Optus or pre-paid customer and Text Giving is not currently available on these services. You will not receive a ‘fail’ message and you will not be charged.
Who is the Telco Together Foundation?

The Telco Together Foundation is a registered charity that brings together the telecommunications industry in support of Australian communities in need.


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